Thursday, October 4, 2007

Toddler Won't Have a Birthday Party With Friends

It's settled. We're not going to host a "kid" birthday party for my son who is turning three in November. We're are going to celebrate his birthday. He'll bring a store-bought (school policy) treat to pre-school on his birthday. We're going to have my husband's relatives over for dinner the evening of his birthday.

Why the change of heart? The following week, we're hosting 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner, which include two overnight guests for the weekend. It will also be our first time hosting Thanksgiving (YIKES). Don't worry. My dinner parties consist of some cooking, some catering, some potluck, and lots of wine.

The day after Thanksgiving, we're taking our son to "Sesame Street Live: Elmo grows up." He's going to have plenty of fun. Also, since he's only in preschool half days, I'm planning to do some thing special with him during the day (e.g. children's museum, zoo, or open gym). I need to wear him out so he'll take a nap and I can prepare for my husband's family to come over for dinner. Again, some cooking, some catering, and potluck.

Although I know we're making the right decision. I'm still a bit sad that we won't be having a kid party. I was looking forward to all the hype. However, a good friend made a good point, "until they're asking for party, just celebrate with family.

And so we shall.