Monday, March 31, 2008

Its Hip Hop Baby! Featured in Chicago Tribune

A wonderful article by Kelly Haramis in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune entitled, Hip-hop gives hope for speech, featured Emmy-winning TV talk-show producer Candi Carter and her son.

Its Hip Hop Baby! founder Candi Carter wants to help more children learn through music and movement and announced she will expand the series with three more DVDS. Carter will also add new education via online video content, with her newly launched You Tube Channel. “Combine music with educational content, you've got accelerated learning” states Candi Carter who is a winner of the iParenting Media Award 2007.

The “It’s Hip Hop, Baby!” DVD & CD are available online at, and specialty toy retailers across the country.

The “It’s Hip Hop, Baby!” YouTube channel is

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How To Find a Babysitter this Spring

With spring right around the corner many of us are thinking about hiring a babysitter so we can step out without our kids in tote for a spring shopping trip to buy Easter basket goodies and squeeze in some "me" time.   This is the time of year we all enjoy spring shopping for new colorful spring outfits.  At Its Hip Hop Baby! we have educational advice and information from CEO & Founder of , Genevieve Theirs. Ms. Theirs will educate and help you to learn, how to properly screen a babysitter. 

At Its Hip Hop Baby! we think proper educational advice and knowledge of finding a babysitter is a great way for parents to hop into Spring! Spring meaning NEW, it is a time to spring clean the house, get a fresh new haircut, start washing the car outside again, planing our summer gardens, think new hair styles and adding color back into our families wardrobes again. It is also a natural time to start thinking abut putting the spring back into our marriage and family life.  

So how do we March into spring?  In the morning play the Its Hip Hop Baby! DVD for your child and watch them rejoice with song, while you sing along thinking about your romantic weekend dates with your spouse you have planned, thanks to the excellent information you learned on finding a Babysitter from Its Hip Baby! You Tube Channel.