Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Four New Video's From Its Hip Hop Baby!

Emmy-winning TV talk-show producer Candi Carter and Winner of the iParenting Award is introducing four new Children's educational DVDs. With her unique teaching style Candi Carter produced It's Hip Hop Baby! to help kids of all levels learn faster while having fun.

All new Music CD or DVD's that are education and fun all wrapped up in one! It's Hip Hob Baby! has launched four new children's TV shows that hip moms and dads can use to help their children get smarter. Captivating songs encourage the exploration of music, language, sounds and rhythms.

These 4 new educational DVD feature child-friendly dance routines that help your child develop listening skills and the ability to follow simple directions. Your toddler will experience the joys of learning their ABC's, animals, body parts, and numbers through fun-filled musical performances and interviews with the hip hop kids. Look for It's Hip Hop Baby! newest educational video's to be available in stores this February 2009.