Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trials of a Special Needs Mom- The Plane Ride

The plane ride is always a joy. Even though my four year old can be a loving but difficult child in an airport waiting area he's great on the plane. I don't know about other children but my child loves confinement. He loves small spaces and loves to be strapped in-- I think he feels safe. He won't swim in any pool but he loves our bathtub. He'll play in the bathtub all day if he could. We think it's because he can see all four walls and feels safe. He loves to ride in the car. He helps you strap him into his booster seat. Once it's snapped...he settles in with a smile. Even eating meals with a little strap in chair makes his experience and ours all the more fun...and enjoyable.

So once we boarded the plane and snapped him into his seat belt...he was as happy as a peach. We watched all the activity of the passing planes and trucks on the tarmac. We took off and quietly said, "Wee Wee" to make those initial bumps and altitude changes more fun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Trials of A Special Needs Mom- THE AIRPORT

I'm at the O'Hare airport this morning preparing to board a flight to Shreveport Louisiana to visit my husband's parents.
Although most people get excited to pack up the family and board a plane, I'm usually terrified. Not because I'm a afraid to fly...I'm afraid to wait. My son is mentally disabled and four. He has very little speech and even less patience. So the thought of being delayed for hours on a plane or spending the night in the airport with a special needs toddler- terrifies me.

It's not just the worst case scenerios that try your resolve and work your nerves. It's the everyday little things that no one thinks about. We just got through security only because a kind check in security guard realized my son, in tears and screaming, was over stimulated and freaking out by the lines, the people and the ropes that guide the passengers through the lines. When you're a special needs mom you have to worry about too much stimulation, too much noise, too many people and an anxious child.

As we moved through security people watched. As they always do. I'm a little used to it now but I still have to talk myself through it. It's embarrassing when my son is screaming and kicking and squirming and he's clearly too big to be in stroller. A special needs stroller for bigger children. Even as I write this hands are shaking because I'm just nervous.

I had a moment to write because my husband decided to walk my son through the airport until our flight boards. I must go because we're about to board our flight. I have to tell the gate attendants that although my child is large we need to board early. He kicks and hits on his way on a plane. Oh well. It's just another day at the airport.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Hip Hop, Baby! Wins an iParenting Media Award

It's Hip Hop, Baby! All Your Child's Favorites was awarded an iParenting Media Award for 2007!
This educational DVD for toddlers was selected for the video category.

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It's Hip Hop, Baby! is an educational DVD features child-friendly dance routines that help your child develop listening skills and the ability to follow simple directions. Your toddler will experience the joys of learning their ABC's, animals, body parts, and numbers through fun-filled musical performances and interviews with the hip hop kids. It's Hip Hop, Baby! the DVD and CD are available at or

I am one TIRED mom!

I think the lesson about "being tired all the time" needs to go on the list of things your mother never told you before you gave birth. I don't know if my mother just made it look easy but I have to say growing up I never noticed that she was exhausted or running on few hours of sleep while she made meals, worked, ran us to all our activities, picked up my dad's dry cleaning and ran our house. She made it look effortless.

But me...I am exhausted. I average about 5 hours of sleep a night. After long hours at work, grocery shopping, reading through all the school papers, cooking, cleaning, laundry, doctor appointments and general house management...I'M TIRED! My husband always says...if you're so tired why do you want more children? Because I love children. I'd love a big family. You mean it doesn't make sense to him that I'd be happy being EXHAUSTED for the rest of my life to have a large loving family?

Hey...all my other friends with children and busy lives are tired too.

I think what's really interesting is that men don't seem to be tired at all. They have time to read the paper, magazines, and watch a Netflix every other night. I haven't read a book in months.

But when it all comes down to it...I wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe. My husband could take out the trash without me hounding him and step up to cook sometimes, but beside that-- I'll take tired over anything else. Because tired means I'm cooking for a family that loves me dearly. Tired means I'm running my son to the doctor and cuddling him after a painful shot. Tired means I'm working to earn a living that allows my family to rent a beach house for the summer. Tired means I'm staying up late to go through my son's school papers to make sure he learning with love.

So no...I didn't see it coming-- this mommy exhaustion and "to do" lists that never end.'s okay with me.


Needing a Nap