Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trials of a Special Needs Mom- The Plane Ride

The plane ride is always a joy. Even though my four year old can be a loving but difficult child in an airport waiting area he's great on the plane. I don't know about other children but my child loves confinement. He loves small spaces and loves to be strapped in-- I think he feels safe. He won't swim in any pool but he loves our bathtub. He'll play in the bathtub all day if he could. We think it's because he can see all four walls and feels safe. He loves to ride in the car. He helps you strap him into his booster seat. Once it's snapped...he settles in with a smile. Even eating meals with a little strap in chair makes his experience and ours all the more fun...and enjoyable.

So once we boarded the plane and snapped him into his seat belt...he was as happy as a peach. We watched all the activity of the passing planes and trucks on the tarmac. We took off and quietly said, "Wee Wee" to make those initial bumps and altitude changes more fun.

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