Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What does Rabbi Shmuley have to say about It's Hip Hop, Baby!

Rabbi Shmuley, host of Shalom in The Home and bestselling author says the music of It's Hip Hop, Baby! is addictive and the videos are engaging.

"I have thank God nine children including a whole bunch of young ones.
Keeping them occupied with healthy outlets is one of the great
challenges I face as a parent. Hip Hop Baby is a fantastic, engaging,
entertaining, and inspirational outlet. The kids just love it. And
even I have the jingle playing on an endless loop in my brain. Just
shows you that even touches the little child still lingering in us adults."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can Music Help Your Child Learn Faster?

Real moms say music can definitely help your child learn faster.  It's Hip Hop, Baby! was created by Candi Carter, a mom who wanted unlock the brilliance in her toddler son.  She knew with his speech delay he'd have challenges learning so she set everything to music and her son picked up words and simple instructions faster with the music than without.

Last week, a young toddler in Fort Wayne Indiana demonstrated that music can be one of the most effective ways to teach children.  His mother decided she would teach him their new address by making up a song. Nine days later, she was home alone with her son when she fell down a flight of stairs and lost consciousness.  Her four year old son called 911 and sang the "address song" he'd learned from his mother over and over again until the operator realized what he was saying. Help was dispatched and this young toddler ended up saving his mother's life.

The happy mom said, "I took child development in high school, and there I learned if you teach a child any kind of music or a rhyme, they will actually pick it up quicker.  I taught him his phone number, his address and he knows how to spell several words because of the songs."

It's Hip Hop, Baby! is an educational experience for the entire family.  DVDs and CDs teach toddler basics through family friendly hip hop music.  Go to and help your child learn faster.