Monday, August 17, 2009


With our society becoming more aware of how important Mother Nature truly is, "Eco-Friendly" is a phrase that has definitely been used more than once in recent years!

From diapers and certain foods to teething toys, the green movement has swept over the Mom world, as well.

It's Hip Hop, Baby found the cutest article at on eco-friendly baby names! 

Now your baby can be in tune with Earth from their first day on Earth!

Check 'em out!

  • Ansel
    French, Follower of a nobleman.
  • Birch
    English, Birch tree.
  • Cliff
    English, Short for Clifford.
  • Denali
    Native American, The great one.
  • Lake
    English, Body of water.
  • Leaf
    Latin, Tree/flower leaf.
  • Petal
    English, Flower petal.
  • Ranger
    French, English, Gamekeeper.
  • Ridge
    English, Ridge of a cliff.
  • Scout
    English, Observer, explorer.
  • Sea
    English, Body of water.
  • Spruce
    English, Evergreen tree.
  • Tide
    Latin, Fluctuations of the ocean.
  • Woody
    English, Short for Woodrow, Woodruff.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plan A Family Fun Night!

As the summer winds down, busy Fall schedules are right around the corner!

With a few weeks left of the relaxing season, why not spend time with those who matter the most? Family!

After work or summer camp or even a slow day at the pool, come home and plan a Family Fun Night! Remember those?

Here are some great ideas to really get in some family bonding time!

- Plan a party! Who needs an occassion?

- Game Night! Board games, dominoes, UNO!

- Watch a movie together! Pick a family favorite!

- Make something together! (Family meal, arts and crafts)

- Pick something you know your family loves!

Check out the full article at! 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Need Quiet? 15 Ways to Soothe A Crying Baby!

Here at It's Hip Hop, Baby!, we all know how frusterating it can be when our beautiful little baby's lungs can seem as loud as the ambulance wailing by the house!

You've tried cuddling, bottles, music and nothing seems to help. A headache may be lurking near, but don't worry!

At, we found 15 clever ways to help soothe a crying baby! Try a few of these tips and in no time, you'll become a pro at putting that smile you love so much right back on your precious infant!

1. Run the shower
2. Rub their belly
3. Sing the chorus of "Umbrella"
4. Walk through your garden
5. Bark, burp (or make another suprising noise!)
6. Stroke their hair
7. Turn on your hair dryer
8. Hand them to someone else
9. Stroll over gravel or a bumpy lawn
10.Massage their feet
11.Make a funny face
12.Put a warm bottle of formula on their belly
13.Switch on the vacuum
14.Sing "Silent Night"
15.Find a cute dog you can sit and watch

Do you hear that? Sounds like quiet to me!