Thursday, August 6, 2009

Need Quiet? 15 Ways to Soothe A Crying Baby!

Here at It's Hip Hop, Baby!, we all know how frusterating it can be when our beautiful little baby's lungs can seem as loud as the ambulance wailing by the house!

You've tried cuddling, bottles, music and nothing seems to help. A headache may be lurking near, but don't worry!

At, we found 15 clever ways to help soothe a crying baby! Try a few of these tips and in no time, you'll become a pro at putting that smile you love so much right back on your precious infant!

1. Run the shower
2. Rub their belly
3. Sing the chorus of "Umbrella"
4. Walk through your garden
5. Bark, burp (or make another suprising noise!)
6. Stroke their hair
7. Turn on your hair dryer
8. Hand them to someone else
9. Stroll over gravel or a bumpy lawn
10.Massage their feet
11.Make a funny face
12.Put a warm bottle of formula on their belly
13.Switch on the vacuum
14.Sing "Silent Night"
15.Find a cute dog you can sit and watch

Do you hear that? Sounds like quiet to me!

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