Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Gardener

It's Hip Hop, Baby! is so happy see more people following our blog and we especially love the great comments we've been getting! Thanks again for the support!

We received a comment from Shirley who would love to see us post an article about kids growing their own food. As environmental appreciation is gaining more power around the world, we can't leave the little ones out of the movement!

Check out this really cool article about vegetables that children would have a blast growing in their own garden! 

Not only does this fun activity get your kids more interested in fresh foods (and eating their veggies*) but it gets them started early with healthy eating habits! They'll appreciate what they grew in turn will love eating their own vegetables!
P.S. Look at these super cute names for these fun vegetables!

  • Bean, Green Snap ‘Asparagus Bean’ is an extremely prolific climbing vine. The common name, yard long bean comes from bean pods which reach an amazing yard in length. Beans are best picked when smaller but allowing several to grow to their full length will give children something to talk about with their friends as well as a lesson in saving seeds for the following season.
  • Lettuce ‘Tom Thumb’ is a miniature butter-head type lettuce. The flavor is very sweet and buttery. The plant produces a head that is perfect for a single salad so grow enough for each child to have their own bowl.
  • Onions ‘Pearl’ also known as pickling onions. These small onions can be harvested when they are the size of a marble. Children will get a kick out of tossing these into a salad bowl at lunchtime or adding them to pickled cucumber mixes.
  • Pumpkin ‘Baby Boo’ This small pumpkin has edible white flesh. It reaches maturity at 2 to 4 inches wide. Baby Boo sometimes produces odd shaped fruits which are a lot of fun to add to the Thanksgiving centerpiece along with ‘Little-Jack’ pumpkins.
  • Radish ‘Easter Egg’ This radish is a great mix of colors including white, red, pink and purple. Pull them when they are as small as marbles for colorful additions to salads. They may also be allowed to grow a bit larger. These radishes do not have the ‘bite’ that others typically have and so children are more apt to try them.
  • Squash ‘Sweet Dumpling’ has a sweet orange flesh surrounded by ribbed, creamy skin with green stripes. The fruit matures at about 4 inches wide and makes an excellent stuffing squash.
  • Tomatoes ‘Tommy Toe’ is an old favorite which is always loaded with tiny grape to quarter-sized fruits. This is a true anyone can grow tomato plant. Grow in a hanging basket or patio pot and pick often to encourage more fruit. 

  • Get out there with them and start digging!

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