Monday, June 8, 2009


As more and more people take notice of how important it is to protect Mother Earth, babies can be just as much of a force in this GO GREEN movement!

Cloth diapers may stir up images of constant washing, safety pins and 1957, but they are becoming more convenient and more eco-friendly! Most importantly, they are becoming more Mom-friendly!

Here are some environmentally smart diaper options that we researched that just may help keep our planet healthy and prosperous!

Pocket Diapers, by Happy Heiny's

What they are: They can be made more absorbent with washable fabric inserts that slip into a pocket on the inside of the diaper.

Eco-benefits: These pocket diapers are handmade by moms in the United States from custom-milled fleece. Hemp Stuffins inserts are made from organic hemp -- a plant fiber that's less toxic to process and more biodegradable than fibers from other crops, like cotton. ($16 per Pocket Diaper, $6 per hemp insert;

Bamboo Fitted Diapers, by bumGenius

What they are: Superabsorbent and well-fitting diapers with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure.

Eco-benefits: They're made from bamboo, which grows easily without fertilizer or pesticides and has been found to have natural antibacterial elements. ($13;

Adjustable Velcro Diapers, by Under the Nile

What they are: Fitted all-in-one diapers (meaning they're diaper and diaper cover in one) with elastic legs.

Eco-benefits: They get their superior absorbency -- and softness -- from 100 percent organic Egyptian cotton that hasn't been bleached. ($13;

Organic Absorb-It-All Diapers, by Ecobaby

What they are: Fitted diapers with adjustable side snaps that come in a variety of colors, like pink, seafoam, and buttercup. (Use them with a diaper cover.)

Eco-benefits: Not only are these diapers made of organic Indian cotton, they get their cute hues from natural dyes. ($16 )


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