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Chicago, IL- The award winning DVD series, It’s Hip Hop, Baby! is releasing its first fitness DVD for kids. Hip Hop Dance Class is a 60-minute work out video featuring the latest in hip hop dance moves. Children ages 5 & up learn three full-length routines with Chicago-based dance instructor Nikki Stanek who has performed and taught children’s hip hop dance classes for nearly a decade.

It’s Hip Hop, Baby! CEO and Founder, Candi Carter, says she got the idea after noticing how young children naturally start dancing when they hear an upbeat tune or popular music. “I thought it would be fun for kids to have real hip hop dance instruction at home, so I put it on a DVD. Hip hop dance is naturally exciting and high energy and that’s why kids love it so much,” said Carter who is also an Emmy-winning television producer for a nationally syndicated talk show.

Whether you have two left feet or loads of rhythm, mastering the hottest hip hop dance moves has never been easier! Hip Hop Dance Class features the best step-by-step instruction for every child at every level. The video teaches three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Plus, there’s cardio hip hop, freestyle dancing and kids even learn how to clap and step to the beat.

Hip Hop Dance Class is designed to get school-aged children out of their seats. Carter says, “All of our products encourage children to get up and move. When you create fun fitness activities for children, its a great first step to batting the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.”

Hip Hop Dance Class is the newest offering from the It’s Hip Hop, Baby! DVD series that features music and energizing dance numbers to help children stay active while they learn. Created especially for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 to 6, the catchy music of It’s Hip Hop, Baby! can be enjoyed by the whole family and comes in four videos and CD:

- “All Your Child’s Favorites”
- “Get Healthy, Get Fit”
- “Things We Do Everyday”
- “Rockin’ Dance Party”
- “Fruit” music CD

“As a parent, one of my favorite things to do is sing and dance around the house with my children,” says Carter a mother of two. “This video is a perfect tool for parents to engage their children with an activity that is fun but also encourages fitness and movement, which we all know is so important right now.”

It’s Hip Hop, Baby! Hip Hop Dance Class is available now at

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