Friday, September 21, 2007

A Momentary Lapse of Reason...

that is chronic and seems comparable to my adolescent years when my brain was full of hormones and pharmaceuticals. That's how I feel most days at 39 1/2 years old with 3 boys between the ages of 2 & 5, having joined this club I didn't know existed! Don't get me wrong--I wouldn't trade lives with ANYONE (and have even recently come to the conclusion that there is still one "soul" missing), but I am TIRED, at the end of my training for the Chicago Marathon in two weeks--my first, and looking forward to going back to yoga with my kids all occasionally in school! The point is, yesterday with all of the kids and the dog in the car, about a mile from my house, my middle son asks, "Mommy, why isn't [the baby]'s car seat buckled?". (Can you hear the screeeeeeeching sound made by the mini-van tires as I pulled over?!?) Anyway, in my former life I was an educator, I consider myself grounded and relatively intelligent, and yet I forgot the MOST important thing I had to do that morning. Although I am pretty opinionated, I try very hard not to be judgmental--as in the case of the woman who left her baby in the car all day--because we ALL make mistakes, some of us have just been luckier than others. My heavy heart goes out to her--she is living my worst nightmare.


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