Sunday, September 9, 2007

We Should Have Sympathy for the Ohio Mom Who Left Her Child in the Car

This week I was horrified to read about the mother and assistant principal in Ohio who accidentally left her child in her car for 8 hours while she attended meetings at school. She says a stop for donuts threw her off her regular routine and she forget she hadn't dropped her child off at daycare.

I watched people on various news reports condemn this mother for split second mistake that resulted in a deadly consequence. People were angry that the prosecutor ruled it a mistake and refused to press charges. If she did get charged, arrested and sentenced-- I don't think any prison could compare to the prison she's living in now. I'm a mother. And I feel horrible when my child comes home with a bump on head or falls under my watch. Imagine the internal hell you'd be feeling if you made the fatal mistake that killed your child. I can't begin to understand how painful it must be for this mom and her family. I just hope more people will take the time to put themselves in her shoes before they pass judgment or publicly condemn her.

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Anonymous said...

How can you feel sorry for her and not for the helpless child? She should go to jail just as any other person that killed a child so called accidentally. She was excused because she was a white professional with money. She should still pay for the crime in jail in a cell.